About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jennifer, The Culinary Beautician.

Here’s my story. I’m an artist at heart and have always been dubbed the creative one. But after I realized I didn’t want to draw and paint for a living, I went on to become something that I think I’ve always known what I should be: a cosmetologist (aka- a beautician). After 16 long months of working full time and going to beauty school part time at night, I became a Texas licensed cosmetologist in January 2015.

Although I love what I do, there’s nothing like coming home and losing myself in cooking. Learning the basics from my mom and finding my culinary creativity from Rachael Ray while watching 30 Minute Meals in high school, cooking became therapeutic for me. I started posting pictures of my meals and they started generating interest for the recipes I use and thus, The Culinary Beautician was born!

I am documenting my favorite things to make, from good ole fashion comfort food & family recipes to Pinterest inspirations & health conscious recipes. There will be no shortage of tips, kitchen favorites and pantry must haves, and like all amateur chefs, the occasional cooking/baking fails.



I do not claim all the recipes on my blog as my own and will give proper credit and links to recipes used when needed. This is just me documenting my quest to share recipes that I try, whether I love or hate them, and integrate more recipes into my ever growing Recipe Book. All opinions are my own. Thank you for the support!

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